Village Projects

The Parish Council’s Objectives

The Parish Council has identified key objectives for this Improvement Plan. These are based on the issues raised that matter to our villagers and will guide activity over the next five years.

Great Bricett is a small Parish Council with restricted means collected through the Annual Precept of only £9,750 for 2017/18, an increase of only £250 from the previous year. The following Plan has been implemented so that achievable objectives are given precedence in the short and medium term whilst the longer term objectives will require considerable funding and greater planning. The Parish council works, where necessary, with Mid Suffolk District Council, Suffolk County Council and local organisations to achieve its ambitions.

The following objectives reflect the Parish Council’s aims -

Short Term

• Improving road safety, specifically speeding on The Street and Lower Farm Road by erecting speed signs and possibly Village gates.

• Implementing Wear Something Bright at Night initiative

• Improved Dog Waste Bin access and maintenance – achieved

• Repair Village Hall Roof, chimney and interior ceiling - initial process underway as of May 2017

• Installation of an additional street light in Lower Farm Road - process underway as of Spring 2017

• Installation of two Defibrillators - one in place on Village Hall and one underway on Base Garage

• Repair/Replacement of the Cesspit in the Village Hall garden - achieved Oct 16

Medium Term

• Improving the condition of drains, specifically junction of Releet Close and the entrance to Wixfield Park and Upper Farm Road

• Support and champion Village Hall improvement plans

• Wi-Fi at the Village Hall and speed and accessibility of mobile and broadband services within the Village

• Social Housing survey

• Improving local communication by providing an additional village sign and notice board for the Base end of The Street

Long Term

• Footpath improvements/extension in The Street

• Improved car parking facilities for the Church and Village Hall users