Local Government Transparency Code - February 2015

"This Code is issued to meet the Government's desire to place more power into citizens' hands to increase democratic accountability and make it easier for local people to contribute to the local decision making process and help shape public services. Transparency is the foundation of local accountability and the key that gives people the tools and information they need to enable them to play a bigger role in society. The availability of data can also open new markets for local business, the voluntary and community sectors and social enterprises to run services or manage public assets.

The Government believes that in principle all data held and managed by local authorities should be made available to local people unless there are specific sensitivities (e.g. protecting vulnerable people or commercial and operational considerations) to doing so. It encourages local authorities to see data as a valuable resource not only to themselves, but also their partners and local people."

Extracts from the Government's updated Local Government Transparency Code, published February 2015 - Transparency Code

The following policy was reviewed and adopted in April 2017

Standing Orders as of Mar 2017

The following policies were reviewed and adopted on 22nd November 2016

Equal Opportunities Policy as of Nov 16 
Training Policy as of Nov 16
Social Media Policy as of Nov 16
Reporting at Meeting as of Nov 16
Complaints Procedure as of Nov 16
Communications Policy as of Nov 16


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