Great Bricett Parish Council

The Parish Clerk & Responsible Finance Officer:

Mrs Vivienne Pratt
Willow Tree Cottage, The Tye, Barking

Telephone: (01473) 657124 



As of May 2017, we have one Councillor vacancy and if you would like to influence the Parish you live in and feel you can commit to six meetings a year (held on a Tuesday night every other month), please contact the Clerk, Vivienne, on 01473 657124 or email -

Our meetings are quite informal and are vital in raising issues that matter to this lovely village.  No previous experience necessary and training courses are held in Claydon, if required.

The Parish Councillors are:-

Cllr Sue Burnett - Chair - 01473 658865

Cllr David Payne - 01449 740329

Cllr Ray Craddock - 01473 657387

Cllr Nigel Ford - 07734 241264

Cllr Richard Morley - 01473 658586

Cllr Georgina Cooper - 01473 657133

To view our Councillor's Register of Interests - follow link choosing Mid Suffolk, and Great Bricett in drop down menus:-

Register of Members Interest


The MP for this area is Jo Churchill MP  -

The County Councillor for this area is Cllr Anne Whybrow -

The District Councillor for this area is Cllr David Whybrow

Representatives to Outside Bodies:

Great Bricett Village Hall Management Committee - Cllr Nigel Ford or Richard Morley

Wattisham Liaison Meeting - Cllr Ray Craddock

Wixfield Park Representative - Cllr Ray Craddock



Responsibilities of the Parish Council include:

FinanceThe Parish Council is responsible for the approval and monitoring of Council expenditure, annually analysing future funding requirements and recommends the precept to be raised. Arranging insurance of parish property, loans and donations and other associated activities requiring finance.

The Village Green
maintenance of the Village Green


Great Bricett Village Hall - As proprietor, arranges insurance and oversees any maintenance issues in consultation with the Village Hall Management Committee.


Planning The Parish Council receives and considers consultation copies of all Planning Applications relating to the parish. Recommendations from the Council either in support of the application or as objections, are passed to Mid Suffolk District Council who, as Planning Authority, will make use of these comments in their determination of the application.


Parish Property The Parish Council provides and maintains parish assets such as dog waste bins, notice boards, benches, and street lights. 


Highways and Lighting - The Parish Council oversees highways matters such as the need for road repairs, signposting, street lights and the supply of electricity for street lighting.



To report any issue to Suffolk County Council (such as Potholes, Highways or footpaths), please use the following link:-


Suffolk County Council Reporting Site



Community Speed Watch

The Great Bricett team is now up and running again – thank you to our two volunteers who are working closely with the Somersham team. Ideally, we would like more volunteers -  two is the minimum number required, so if you feel you could give a little time to help promote speed awareness within Great Bricett, please contact the Parish Clerk.




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